Getting started with YMOZ

YMOZ is a hosted email solution built with open source software, and 100% powered by renewable energy

Registration is currently open for custom domains only which can be ordered here. If you're interested an a @ymoz.com mailbox, request an invite and we'll put you on the waiting list and notify you when YMOZ is released.

What's included

YMOZ is a managed mailcow server with a SOGo Webmail access. It comes with the following features:

  • Create temporary aliases (@ymoz.com, @a.ymoz.com, @b.ymoz.com, @c.ymoz.com)
  • Yubikey OTP and U2F USB, TOTP
  • Host email on your own custom domain name
  • Adjustable spam filtering (reject spam, mark spam, greylist)
  • DKIM, SPF and ARC support
  • MTA Strict Transport Security
  • DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE)

*support plans are also available as well as custom managed servers for larger teams if you do not wish to host your own instance.

Self-hosting your own mail server

YMOZ is built on open-source software that you can freely download as a Dockerized, self-hosted email stack for hosting inboxes at your custom domain. For growing organizations, especially those with more than 50 mailboxes, custom hosting your own email server can be far more economical than a hosted email service.

Many organizations are hesitant to host their own email server for technical reasons, but these concerns can easily be alleviated with correctly architected solution by a managed Mailcow hosting provider.

Make sure you are familiar with the following technologies before self-hosting your own mail server:

  • Configuring DNS records (DKIM, MX, TXT, SRV, A, CNAME)
  • How to install Docker and Docker Compose
  • Knowledge of MySQL and Linux-based systems
  • Command line shell commands

Setting up a mailcow server

A 4 GB Guaranteed RAM, 3 core virtual server can easily host over 100 users using mailcow, with attachable SSD block storage that can be expanded on-demand. For example, a KVM VPS from Thexyz with 80 GB Disk Space and 3 TB Bandwidth costs $59.95 per month. To host this number of mailboxes on Google or Microsoft could cost over $1000 per month.