Take control of your email

Private email built with open source software and green energy

YMOZ is very fast and uses few resources

Support and compliance with collaboration-oriented standards such as CalDAV, CardDAV, IMAP ACL and more. YMOZ also supports the popular Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync protocol.

Custom Domains

Point your custom domain to YMOZ and manage mailboxes in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Two-Factor Authentication

Protect from unauthorized access using an Authenticator app or Yubikey OTP/U2F USB.

S/MIME Encryption

Sign and encrypt messages and automatically manage public certificates you receive.

PGP Encryption

A user can generate their own PGP keypair, consisting of a public and private key, without the involvement of a certificate authority.


YMOZ is available in over a dozen languages so you'll always feel at home. If your language is missing, you can easily contribute to the project and submit your translation.

Calendar Sync

Sync your email calendar with CalDav or ActiveSync.

Contact Sync

Sync your address book with CardDav or ActiveSync.

Multiple Mail Accounts

Configure multiple accounts (IMAP) from your web browser and forget about logging into multiple webmail services to receive emails.

An email service you can feel good about

100% renewable energy

The YMOZ data center in Finland utilizes powered by 100% renewable energy with wind powered electricity and additional 850 solar panels that produce a 255 kWp peak power. The solar system is utilized specially in the summer months, when the cooling needs of the data center are at their yearly peak. The energy output can also be view in realtime.


Email Security

YMOZ maintains an A+ rating on Security Headers and full compliance with Hardenize.

  • MTA Strict Transport Security
  • SMTP TLS Reporting
  • DNSSEC + Certification Authority Authorization
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS v1.2 /v1.3)
  • SPF, DMARC, DKIM and ARC support

Self-host and ready to customize

A YMOZ email account is built on open source software, you can actually deploy the source code to create your own email server instance. YMOZ and all its related components are entirely free, open source and released under the GPL (or LGPL/MPL)


Self-host and fully customize

  • Spam score management per-user (reject spam, mark spam, greylist)
  • Allow mailbox users to create temporary spam aliases
  • Allow users to reset ActiveSync device caches
  • Add domains, mailboxes, aliases, domain aliases and resources
  • Quarantine system, whitelists per domain and per user, Fail2ban-like integration
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