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How to stop iCloud Calendar spam

How to stop iCloud Calendar spam

Waves of iCloud users have been complaining to Apple about a growing problem with spam hitting the adding events to a users calendar.

The invites can appear and events or photo requests. as of yet, Apple has yet to comment publicly or provide any supports to the masses of people experiencing the annoying issues. Some users have said the only way to properly fix the issue is to disable the calendar feature on the device. Users are advised not to respond or decline any invitations as this will send a signal to the spammer.

The spam has been reported to be selling designer handbags and other luxury goods. Although they are not from the actual manufacturer of the goods. An example of the iCloud Calendar Spam issue can be seen below.

iCloud calendar spam

The story has been circulating around the web over the past day or so and also now been published by large international media such as the BBC, New York Times and the Telegraph.

Many users took to Twitter in displays of utter frustration.

Is there a fix to the problem?

While Apple has not yet responded to when a fix for the problem will be available, there are a couple of solutions. One user on an Apple Forum post mentioned that you can create multiple calendars and have one that it dedicated to spam. This is not a permanent solution but one that can potentially help with the distraction and potential security concerns about this level of spam exposure.

A permanent solution to iCloud Calendar Spam

There is also a permanent solution to the problem that you do not need Apple Support for, and yes you can also keep using your iPhone or other Apple device. If you use a professional email service like Thexyz, there is a service called MobileSync which for a fee of around $40 per year provides secure calendar synchronization. This can over-ride the iCloud calendar so it is no longer needed to sync the Calendar. Instead the device will sync through Thexyz MobileSync and use the servers at Theyxz.

We did reach out to Apple for a comment on the matter but they did not respond.

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  1. Paul

    Just another confirmation of why I left the Apple ecosystem in the last year.


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