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TechArmor Cleaning Kit

TechArmor Cleaning Kit

The Tech Armor Complete Cleaning Kit is an excellent product to keep your entire device collection clean and in great shape.

Box Contents:
-1 4oz. bottle of cleaning solution
-1 2oz bottle of cleaning solution
-2 large microfiber cleaning cloths
-20 device cleaning wipes

Screen cleaning solutions have no ammonia or alcohol in the ingredients. Alcohol can damage the screen overtime. This product has no ammonia or alcohol contents

The liquid is in a spray bottle that you spray the screen with and use the microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the screen and get rid of the cleaning solution. The spray and the wipes clean very well and make my Tech Armor screen protector I have applied. Also when I installed a new screen protector the screen protector makes it hard to swipe your finger across the screen. Now when I clean the screen protector with the cleaning solution it makes it all slippery so I can play games that require my fingers to swipe across the screen. I like that it comes with 2 different sized bottles so I can bring one when I travel and I can store one until I use the other one up. I also like the cleaning wipes because I can bring them traveling and store a bunch in my car for on the go cleaning. This really is a complete cleaning kit.
I highly recommend this cleaning kit to anyone who is in need of a screen cleaner.


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