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Publish an article on YMOZ

Fill out the form below and include your article for submission to YMOZ.

Guidelines for article approval:
1.Make content unique and print ready.
2.Article length should not be less than 500 words.
3.Structure your posts into paragraphs.
4.Affiliate and/or promotional links are not admissable.
5.Articles must be related to content of YMOZ.
6.Articles should be submitted as a Word or ODT document.
7.It must pass Copyspace
8.Your article(s) cannot be published anywhere else.

Compliance after article is published:
1.Must maintain responses to readers comments

Submission should include:
a title;
a description (100-200 characters);
a synopsis (100-200 words);
a reflective picture of your choosing, measuring 300 x 168 pixels;

Articles may also include:
graphics that are embedded in the text at the appropriate point;
hyperlinks (subject to the rules below);

Rules for hyperlinks:
A strict nofollow policy
No shortened URL’s

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