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Fitbit over Jawbone and Misfit for fitness bands

Fitbit over Jawbone and Misfit for fitness bands

The advancement of technology has resulted in booming of smart devices. Out of all, the most prominent ones are the fitness bands. They can be clunky, confusing or seem useless, but they are every bit of need in today’s time. The top fitness tracking brands like Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit etc. have launched various models and versions of their own bands. Fitbit has emerged as the leading brand offering the helpful and convenient small screen, wireless sync option with your computer and smartphone. Fitbit trackers have exceeded the expectations of customers and are the best and healthier choice. Here are some parameters of judgements:

  • Tracking Accuracy: Fitbit Tracker comes packed with unique and commendable accuracy and precisely counts how much distance you have travelled, how many stairs climbed and steps and the display will show the stats of progress daily. It also keeps in account the sleep patterns, how many times you have woken up and suggest you the amount of rest you actually need. Now that’s something our favorite!
  • Battery: Most of the Fitbit trackers are compact sized and require to be charged every 10 to 14 days which is quite a lot more than usual bands.
  • Connectivity: Fitbit fitness trackers offer seamless connectivity and app support. The device comes with easy navigation, the simplicity of use and ease. The screen as well the lights keeps showing your entire day activities by displaying the reminders and messages.
  • Design: FitBit trackers are easiest to use and the wireless feature along with automatic sync options if you within 20 feet distance from your system. The Bluetooth feature syncs with your smartphone to provide you with the real-time clear picture of your habits. The built-in app will pull out all the information in easier to understand and read charts and graphs. The device also gives you the capability to add information that most of the fitness tracker from Jawbone and Misfit don’t allow!
  • Additional Features: Add your desired information like water intake, swimming, calorie count or weightlifting without much fuss. Additionally, you can set and track your goals, win badges, compete with friends and win! Get precise heart monitoring and smart scale measurement for best control over fitness.

The brand itself is leading manufacturing firm for best trackers and wristbands. The products not only offer impressive features but also impeccable and quick support options. There is also a one-year warranty on the Fitbit device in case of malfunctioning.

Invest in the best if you want no compromises to fitness.

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