My Audio Pet Monkey Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless Speaker for Kids GOGO Bananas


1. Brilliant design: Adorable USPTO Patented animal designs featuring the world’s most beloved pets as wireless bluetooth speakers.

2. High Quality: Award winning functionality and design. (National Association of Parenting Products)

3. State of the Art Bluetooth technology: v4.2 with True Wireless Stereo (TWS) functionality

4. Fun, whimsical packaging: featuring the My Audio Pets in their custom environment

5. Interactive MOBILE APP for games to play with My Audio Pets, giving the family a ridiculously fun and engaging experience.

6. Newly designed, acoustically engineered 3w speaker: giving optimum performance within a My Audio Pet, and outperforming any other animal bluetooth speaker available.

7. Robust 500mAh battery: allowing for extended play, dance and fun

8. Thoughtful Accessories:

– A Lanyard for easy portability

– Convenient 60cm charging cable

– Easy to follow instructions & videos

9. A Portable Party! Take and play music with you wherever you go. An ideal travel accessory for the day, or for vacation.

10. Sound beyond size: surprisingly powerful crisp sound from a speaker just a little bigger than a golf ball.

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  • The tiniest, cutest, most KICK-BUTT Bluetooth speaker on the planet wants to come home with you! This little guy will bring the fun, joy of music, and dance back into your home.
  • Why does a speaker have to be plain and boring when it can be fun! Our unique speakers may be tiny but don’t let the size fool you, these speakers have room filling sound.
  • These peculiar speakers can be used individually or paired with another My Audio Pet TWS speaker for the ultimate audio experience. Play 1 and fill the room / Pair 2 for a sonic boom. Collect them all! They make great gifts too!
  • Featuring TWS – True wireless stereo technology. Impressive, rich, clear, quality sound and robust bass that will surprise you. The 3W audio driver packs a punch! Easy wireless Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, tablet, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
  • Not only do these speakers rock, they are 100% portable with their rechargeable built-in batteries meaning you can take your music wherever you go. Built-in mic allows for great hands-free options. Takes pics for you with one click so you don’t have to ask strangers, you’re welcome. 100% GUARANTEE! Enjoy your new Pet(s) worry free.

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