Author: Perry Toone

Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2 Review The new Fitibit Flex 2 is fullt waterproof so you can now take it in the shower and pool. Is it really worth getting the Flex 2? We tested the device and posted our review below. Pros Sleek design Comfortable to wear Waterproof Automatically detects and tracks exercises Cons Does not track floors Basic fitness tracking Software has bugs and compatibility issues Limited sleep data The Device The device itself comes in two sizes, one for larger wrists and the other for smaller wrists. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Most of the time...

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The iPhone is now exploding too

The new iPhone 7 may have the same problems as the Samsung Note 7. Apple is investigating a number of reports that iPhones have started to overheat, explode or catch fire, following issues with the lithium-ion battery inside the device. A Reddit user called KroopTheSnoop shared images of a charred looking iPhone 7 Plus, which is the more expensive model with a a larger screen. Apple has blamed “external factors” for a handful of iPhone battery fires. While the problem does not seem to be widespread around the world, there is a growing number of people around the world...

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How to stop iCloud Calendar spam

Waves of iCloud users have been complaining to Apple about a growing problem with spam hitting the adding events to a users calendar. The invites can appear and events or photo requests. as of yet, Apple has yet to comment publicly or provide any supports to the masses of people experiencing the annoying issues. Some users have said the only way to properly fix the issue is to disable the calendar feature on the device. Users are advised not to respond or decline any invitations as this will send a signal to the spammer. The spam has been reported...

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TechArmor Cleaning Kit

The Tech Armor Complete Cleaning Kit is an excellent product to keep your entire device collection clean and in great shape. Box Contents: -1 4oz. bottle of cleaning solution -1 2oz bottle of cleaning solution -2 large microfiber cleaning cloths -20 device cleaning wipes Screen cleaning solutions have no ammonia or alcohol in the ingredients. Alcohol can damage the screen overtime. This product has no ammonia or alcohol contents The liquid is in a spray bottle that you spray the screen with and use the microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the screen and get rid of the cleaning solution....

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Fitbit over Jawbone and Misfit for fitness bands

The advancement of technology has resulted in booming of smart devices. Out of all, the most prominent ones are the fitness bands. They can be clunky, confusing or seem useless, but they are every bit of need in today’s time. The top fitness tracking brands like Fitbit, Jawbone, Misfit etc. have launched various models and versions of their own bands. Fitbit has emerged as the leading brand offering the helpful and convenient small screen, wireless sync option with your computer and smartphone. Fitbit trackers have exceeded the expectations of customers and are the best and healthier choice. Here are...

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