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Author: Perry Toone

iPhone slow to encourage upgrades

As the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X and iOS 11 hit the market, a usual rumor comes to ligh. There has long been speculation that Apple deliberately slows down older iPhones in an attempt to encourage people to upgrade to the latest models. Benchmarking firm Futuremark notes that around the launch of the new iPhones, there was a surge in Google searches for “iPhone slow” — but are people’s fears actually founded in anything? Futuremark is in exactly the right line of work to set the record straight, and its test results really speak for themselves....

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Comparing iPhone 8/Plus and iPhone with other Smartphones

Take a look at this chart to see how the new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X compare to leading smartphones. SpecificationiPhone XiPhone 8iPhone 8 PlusGalaxy Note 8Galaxy S8Galaxy S8 PlusEssential PhoneLG V30PixelPixel XLHTC U11BB KeyOne Display 5.8 inches 4.7 inches 5.5 inches 6.3 inches 5.8 inches 6.2 inches 5.71 inches 6 inches 5 inches 5.5 inches 5.5 inches 4.5 inches Resolution 2436 x 1125 1334 x 750 1920 x 1080 2960 x 1440 2960 x 1440 2960 x 1440 2560 x 1312 2880 x 1440 1920 x 1080 2560 x 1440 2560 x 1440 1620 x 1080...

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How do the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus compare?

After the Apple event today we all know some of the big new features with iPhone 8 and iPhone X, such as face ID facial recognition and speedy new chip 25% faster than the iPhone 7.  What else can we expect and how do these 3 new phones releases by Apple today compare to one another? Face ID The chance that a random person that can unlock your iPhone with Face ID is one in a million Face ID also works Apple Pay Limited third-party apps will support Face ID No home button Where is the home button gone?...

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Fitbit Flex 2

Fitbit Flex 2 Review The new Fitibit Flex 2 is fullt waterproof so you can now take it in the shower and pool. Is it really worth getting the Flex 2? We tested the device and posted our review below. Pros Sleek design Comfortable to wear Waterproof Automatically detects and tracks exercises Cons Does not track floors Basic fitness tracking Software has bugs and compatibility issues Limited sleep data The Device The device itself comes in two sizes, one for larger wrists and the other for smaller wrists. It is lightweight and comfortable to wear. Most of the time...

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The iPhone is now exploding too

The new iPhone 7 may have the same problems as the Samsung Note 7. Apple is investigating a number of reports that iPhones have started to overheat, explode or catch fire, following issues with the lithium-ion battery inside the device. A Reddit user called KroopTheSnoop shared images of a charred looking iPhone 7 Plus, which is the more expensive model with a a larger screen. Apple has blamed “external factors” for a handful of iPhone battery fires. While the problem does not seem to be widespread around the world, there is a growing number of people around the world...

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